INRS Technology Partners LLC works with clients on either a Service Level Agreement (SLA) or Managed Service Agreement (MSA) basis.  Please feel free to contact us for price quotes and additional information.

You may be asking yourself, “What is an SLA or MSA, and why does my company need it?”  These agreements are proactive approaches that mean INRS Technology Partners would provide monthly preventative maintenance on your network, to attempt to prevent problems before they start.

This is in contrast to the normal, reactive approach of waiting on something to fail or break.  Any SLA rates will be cheaper than typical off-the-street rates, and in direct correlation to the amount of monthly hours signed.  MSA provides fixed monthly cost for normal monthly labor.

Service Level Agreements

Key customer benefits:

  • Guaranteed 90-minute response time
  • Regular backup & restore validation checks
  • Insurance of current antivirus signatures
  • Documentation of maintenance tasks
  • Web-based Online Task Manager System
  • Current online summary of IT information
  • Inspection of server logs and messages
  • Development of Yearly Technology Plan
  • Direct phone access to your INRS Technology Partner
Managed Service Agreements

Key customer benefits:

  • Customer peace of mind as we monitor your network proactively at all times
  • Single point of contact for all network issues
  • Single supplier for your needs instead of multiple vendors
  • Defined Service Levels (for service delivery)
  • Known costs for management and fixed price contracts
  • Avoid costs of building your own management and reporting systems
  • Lower Total Cost Ownership (TCO) for client